Two actions holding witness in PECO’s lobby

“Lent is short and resurrection is coming soon.”

You are part of a diverse campaign including folks who are religious and those who are not. But one thing that unites us is that we know we can act most powerfully when grounded in a vision of justice and transformation. At strategic times, a small group simply engaging in grounding practices can actively disrupt PECO’s story that dirty energy, dirty air, and neglected neighborhoods are the best it can do as clean energy opportunities flourish elsewhere. With preparation underway for a series of actions during Holy Week at the end of March, this is the perfect time for small grounding actions with big impact.

Congregations took action two days in a row this week, with dignified and powerful calls for PECO’s rebirth. Members of Swarthmore Meeting and Lansdowne Meeting formed a circle of silent worship on Tuesday, prompting PECO to call the police, while members Germantown Mennonite Church celebrated Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent by calling for energy justice in PECO’s lobby. They shared sacred ashes with those who wanted to participate, and a group of children handed out Valentines to employees and customers.

We want follow up on the vision of each of these new action teams, and we’ll need a lot of help. So please chip in a few dollars today if you can! On March 27 and 28 we are bringing together singers, youth, dancers, and clergy to express our sorrow and hope, and to demand PECO reach 20% solar by 2025. Save the dates and join us! Your support and presence will bring the Holy Week actions to life.

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