Stop the PECO Rate Hike Action — Philadelphia

One day in early June, we gathered outside of City Hall, with live music around the corner and the warm sun shining. Many of us were excited to be there, taking action in person for the first time in far too long. We were there to oppose an outrageous move by PECO — a request to raise electrical rates by almost 10%, as many families continue to struggle with economic effects of the pandemic and as utility costs drive them deeper into debt.

We gathered with with members of POWER and Sunrise Movement Philadelphia, grounded ourselves and shared why we were moved to take action, and then took off, marching through the streets of Center City and chanting:

When our neighbors need jobs and solar today

No rate hikes, PECO must pay!

When Philly needs a grid that works hard everyday

No rate hikes, PECO must pay!

When the climate’s getting hot and hotter everyday

No rate hikes, PECO must pay!

We’re the people telling PECO that we need another way

No rate hikes, PECO must pay!

As we marched, we handed out fliers to people walking by and had some great interactions with other PECO customers who were very concerned about the proposed rate hike. And then, when we arrived outside of PECO’s headquarters, we rallied, heard from powerful speakers, and made sure PECO heard our resounding opposition to their unnecessary and unreasonable rate hike.  

A few days later, we testified at the virtual hearings on the proposed rate hike. Along with consumer advocates, clergy, and everyday Philadelphians, we spoke out against this attempt to make PECO customers pay for transitioning to renewable energy now, after years of PECO profiting while taking no significant climate action. It’s time for PECO to take bold action for a just and sustainable energy economy, and they don’t need a blank check from the people to do so. 

Photo by Rachael Warriner.

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