Inside a Vanguard office lobby, two people hold white signs with red text while another person hands a letter to a receptionist who is pointing.

A new area of the campaign, a new call to action

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that Vanguard is the world’s largest investor in the fossil fuels polluting communities today and threatening all of our futures. You also know that Vanguard is not doing enough to take responsibility for the impact of its investments. And you know there’s an international campaign made up of people of faith, frontline activists, finance professionals, and many more who are pressuring Vanguard to do better (that’s us!).

We’re excited to share that employees at Vanguard’s largest corporate retirement client, Google, are joining this effort. They are organizing to call on Google to live up to its climate commitments by demanding a fossil fuel-free retirement plan from Vanguard. You have a chance now to support them! 

You can ask Google to do right by its employees, its climate commitments, and the planet as a whole by demanding that Vanguard provide Google employees with a fossil fuel-free 401(k) plan. Along with the many ways we are taking action, pressure from a major institutional client like Google will help push Vanguard to truly invest for a livable future.

As allies organize and send messages from across the country, we’re continuing to take nonviolent direct action at Vanguard’s offices in PA. Recently, we surprised Vanguard by showing up at new sites and delivering questions about its chat-topping investments in fossil fuels that it had neglected to answer during its annual webinar.

Top photo by Striff Striffolino

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