POWER unites with Power Local Green Jobs

Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild (POWER) a multi-faith network of 60 congregations has come to the POWER LOCAL GREEN JOBS campaign, joining with a commitment to the long-term vision of local solar jobs. Our voices are multiplied many times by this large community deeply active for economic justice.

POWER announced their adoption of this campaign in a press release this morning. This unity will come as a powerful message in the March 23 teach-in, when Rev. Gregory Holston, co-chair of POWER’s Economic Dignity Team and national president of OIC of America, will speak to the moral case for green jobs. 

Rev. Holston has said, “Some corporations like to claim that they are good neighbors because they distribute charity here and there. We are not here for charity; we are here for justice. These are our energy dollars and we want to invest them in our neighborhoods. PECO can help end poverty in Philadelphia.”

EQATers are already familiar with Rabbi Julie Greenberg, a POWER faith leader, who has attended many of our actions and has been a key point of connection. “Environmental justice means an economy that works for everyone. We need to create jobs where they are most needed and keep our energy dollars circulating locally. In a neighborhood desperate for jobs, North Philadelphia’s vast acreage of flat rooftops is an asset crying out for development,” said Rabbi Greenberg.

Joining with POWER will strengthen the Power Local Green Jobs Campaign and the growth of our movement.

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