Our leadership comes from our volunteers.

We look for ways for people to grow in their leadership whether young or old, new to activism or with decades of experience. We believe that we are all going to need to grow in our leadership capacity to make a just and sustainable economy a reality.

EQAT’s board is responsible for making policy decisions and setting the overall strategic direction of the organization and campaign. Board members are also active volunteers in implementing that strategy. The staff plays an essential role in supporting a wide range of volunteer energy and power.

Photo above by Rachael Warriner

Board of Directors

A white person with grey hair, dark glasses, a blue and purple collared shirt, and a beige jacket stands in front of blurred green leaves, looks at the camera, and smiles

Walter Hjelt Sullivan

Hannah Mayer

A white person with blonde hair and a light blue button-down shirt looks a the camera and smiles

John Magee
Staff Supervisor

A white person with a gray shirt, black glasses, and white hair looks at the camera and smiles

Carolyn McCoy

A light-skinned latino person with a blue collared shirt stands with their shoulders at an angle and looks at the camera

Monty Ogden

A white person with short hair, a mustache, and a beard has their head cocked, resting on their hand, and looks at the camera

Jonathan Ogle

A person with large silver earrings, a light turquoise shirt, and sunglasses resting on their head looks at the camera and smiles

Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt

A white person with short, white hair and an olive green jacket looks off to the left and smiles

Dana Robinson

A white person with short, dark hair and a light green sweater holds a clarinet and looks off to the left of the camera

Ben Safran

A white person with short hair, black glasses, and a blue button-down shirt smiles at the camera

Lee Smithey

A white person with asymmetrical blonde hair and clear glasses looks at the camera with a slight smile

Rachael Warriner


A white person with shoulder-length hair, glasses, and a patterned shirt has their hand resting near their heart and is looking off to the right of the camera

Lina Blount
Director of Strategy & Partnerships

A white person with brown curly hair pulled back with a grey hoodie is smiling at the camera, with trees and a grey-blue sky in the background

Eve Gutman
Media & Research Coordinator

white man with hair in pony tail, in paisley shirt looking back with a fall moutain landscape in background

Harrison Mace
Campaign Organizer

Richie Schulz
Director of Organizing

white person with brown hair pulled back in red cardigan and blue turtleneck smiling at camera, standing in front of trees and brick wall in background

Striff Striffolino
Administrative & Finance Coordinator

A white person with brown, curly hair in a bun is facing to the left, holding a microphone up to their mouth, and smiling

Berenice Tompkins
Campaign Organizer