Our leadership comes from our volunteers.

We look for ways for people to grow in their leadership whether young or old, new to activism or with decades of experience. We believe that we are all going to need to grow in our leadership capacity to make a just and sustainable economy a reality.

EQAT’s board is responsible for making policy decisions and setting the overall strategic direction of the organization and campaign. Board members are also active volunteers in implementing that strategy. The staff plays an essential role in supporting a wide range of volunteer energy and power.

Board of Directors

Walter Hjelt Sullivan

John Magee

Carolyn McCoy

Monty Ogden
Staff Supervisor

Jonathan Ogle

Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt

Kaytee Ray-Riek

Dana Robinson

Ben Safran

Lee Smithey

Rachael Warriner


Lina Blount
Director of Strategy & Partnerships

Eve Gutman
Media & Research Coordinator

Ryan Leitner
Director of Organizing

Striff Striffolino
Administrative & Finance Coordinator

Berenice Tompkins
Campaign Organizer