Future Scientists Compelled by Solar

by Ben Safran

To PECO, the Philadelphia Science Festival no doubt seemed like a perfect place to present its image as a corporate leader in sustainability. PECO can educate Philadelphians about more efficient light bulbs, but we know that it can also invest in solar energy and power local green jobs.

Launching a solar “collaborative” shows that it is aware of the pressure EQAT can bring, but it does not satisfy our campaign’s demand. Fortunately, decorating solar panels to put on a roof is a perfect activity for a science festival.

Within 45 minutes, our cardboard house—spruced up before the action with new drawings of people in the windows and captions explaining our demand carefully added on by Judy—had solar panels on every inch of the roof. Judy also explained to PECO why we were there, and there is no doubt that the representatives took notice.

This was a nimble action carried out by just three EQATers. Fortunately, we had the help of dozens of children and their families who stopped to see our house—set up just yards from PECO’s booth—and decorated it with colorful solar panels. I was struck by the enthusiasm not only of the children creating creative and original solar panel decorations, but also by the adults.  

When describing our demands people frequently agreed, “absolutely they should be doing that!”  

Even more exciting to hear was “what can we do about it?” This was asked not in a dejected way, as though nothing could be done. Instead this was a question from people who wanted to know what action we were taking and how they could help.” 

I’m looking forward to see everyong on May 10th” for our Celebrate AND Escalate action.

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