Taking it to their doorsteps

Horns blaring and banners flying, EQAT took action today while Exelon executives insisted to shareholders that their profits are sacrosanct.

Exelon, PECO’s parent company, is the largest utility in the country, with huge profits baked into the rates we pay. While PECO has momentarily suspended electric shutoffs, PECO bill payments continue to rack up for folks who have lost their income. And climate change continues its deadly advance, threatening the prospects for recovery.

When Exelon moved its annual shareholder meeting online due to COVID-19, our campaign had a dilemma. How do we take action when our bodies need to stay physically distant? Yet, in times of emergency, we know that action is more important than ever.

With a surge of courage and creativity, EQAT members decided to drive to the houses where board members and executives would be on the phone. We sang and honked, waved signs and wrote chalk messages while following the best physical distancing practices to safeguard public health.

Exelon certainly heard our message, yet has chosen to ignore the dire injustice. Inside the meeting, they confirmed that there “is no plan to diversify into renewables.”

COVID has revealed the deep inequalities of our economic system. Black and Brown communities have been ravaged. Unprotected workers and impoverished people have been left no safety net. Immigrants have been subject to surveillance, harassment, and locked out.

This is no time for business-as-usual. We are calling for bill forgiveness for our neighbors, solar and jobs for our future. We must address core injustices while building a resilient and sustainable world.

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