Group of people walk behind a banner that reads, "Vanguard invests in climate destruction"

So many ways to take action!

One of the great things about being part of a global campaign is that we can use many types of strategies simultaneously. While EQAT primarily uses nonviolent direct action to pressure Vanguard, others can organize petitions, phone calls, and letter writing. The combination will make Vanguard especially nervous. That’s why we’re excited that our partners at the Sunrise Project are launching, a platform to educate and organize retail customers–whether they are invested with Vanguard, BlackRock, Fidelity, or other large asset managers.

This kind of engagement feels especially important for those of us in the United States. The U.S. is the largest retail and retirement investment market in the world. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is just one of many examples of how the fossil fuel projects many of us inadvertently invest in are intertwined with violence and environmental destruction globally. And despite increased investor concerns about climate change, we continue to see investments fueling the climate crisis and greenwashed ESG products touted as the answer. 

It’s time to change the game.

If you are invested with any of these companies, we hope you’ll sign Sunrise Project’s FixMyFunds petition, so you can receive updates on call-in days and other opportunities to take action from a distance.

If you are not an investor, there are still many ways to make a difference! We’ll be on the lookout for actions that anyone can take remotely. In the meantime, EQAT is fully engaged in planning the Vanguard’s Big Climate Problem Walk, April 18-22. 

We are especially hoping for a large crowd for the grand finale action on Earth Day. If you know people who might be interested in coming to southeastern PA for this, here is a description you can share:

We hope you’ll join us for the grand finale of Vanguard’s Big Climate Problem Walk on Friday, April 22 (Earth Day)! 

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to challenge those who profit from the Earth’s desecration? As one of the world’s biggest investors in coal, oil, and gas, Vanguard has the power to help steer our economy away from climate catastrophe and environmental injustice, but first it needs to chart a new course. That is why we are concluding a five-day walk from the Delaware River with a huge, vibrant action at Vanguard’s corporate headquarters in Malvern. Meet us at the Paoli Train Station April 22 at 8:30 am to walk the final mile with the walkers. Please register so we can estimate attendance and keep you up to date on things like parking and how to get a ride if you can’t walk a mile.

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