We Won’t Wait Actions: March 27 & 28

Two back-to-back storms just caused over a million power outages across our region. 

But many families face losing their power, or using less than they need, every month from poverty and unemployment.

We won’t wait any longer. PECO has avoided meaningful action and passed off any responsibility. The company has put itself against the timeline for clean energy called for by the city of Philadelphia and a number of other boroughs and towns. When we have worshiped for change, PECO has kicked us out.

Dirty electricity is the largest source of greenhouse gases in our region, which is increasing storm frequency. Air pollution from the same power plants spreads life-limiting diseases like asthma, cancer, and heart disease. But more than just clean air and a stable climate, solar panels bring jobs and community assets. It is essential that these green jobs come to the communities of color and areas with high unemployment that are most vulnerable to the harms of dirty energy.

Alice Maxfield calls for Local Green JobsThis is why during the Christian Holy Week, just days before Passover, we are returning to PECO to put our bodies on the line, and to say that we won’t wait for justice any longer.

On March 27 at 2pm, our Day of Mourning, we will express our sorrow while demanding action from PECO. Knowing that communities of color are bearing the brunt of climate disaster and a lack of investment, we will mourn the many ways we suffer from dirty energy while some participants will risk arrest demanding action from PECO on local green jobs.

March 28 at 3:30pm, our Day of Vision, we will support young folks and others to hold up the vision of the healthy and just future we need. PECO must leave its dirty energy behind and start by getting 20% local solar by 2025 from communities where jobs are needed most. There is no civil disobedience planned on this day.

Sign up to let us know you will be there!

These actions rely on the power of nonviolent direct action while testing our courage to confront injustice. If you are considering participating in civil disobedience, it is essential that you attend the action training on Sunday, March 25, 2:30-6pm at Friends Center. The training will also be helpful for anyone who will attend an action day whether risking arrest or not. Please RSVP.

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