PECO felt the heat last week

We can tell because we were informed late on Friday by PECO VP, Tony Gay, that PECO was cancelling a meeting we had scheduled with Exelon CEO, Chris Crane for today.

Chris Crane had offered to meet with us, of his own accord, after we peacefully disrupted the Exelon shareholder meeting nearly three months ago. Since then, PECO has thrown up roadblock after roadblock, insisting that we meet with PECO executives first. Representatives from EQAT and our partner, POWER, faithfully met with PECO in two different meetings, but we were disappointed by PECO’s lack of a plan, and PECO left us with no choice but to escalate. In fact, we told PECO that we would continue to escalate, even throughout these meetings, and we kept our promise.

We are people of our word, and we’re not ready to give up on PECO and Exelon having a plan for addressing climate change and racial and economic inequality through local solar. Our meeting today was not scheduled with PECO, but with its parent company, Exelon. We expect Chris Crane to keep his word and meet with us to share Exelon’s commitment to a just transition to local solar for Philadelphia. Our team of representatives will fulfill our side of the promise and will show up to meet with Chris Crane.

After its response to last week’s actions, we’re not sure what PECO will do when we arrive for the meeting. We will continue to show up, regardless of their reactions, to insist on a clear plan forward. 

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