Dozens of people stand in a crowd, posing for the camera. Many are holding signs and banners. They are outside, it is foggy, and there are partially obscured smokestacks in the background.

Pledge “Never Vanguard”!

For over a year and a half, we’ve written letters, made phone calls, delivered petitions, and asked Vanguard leadership to meet with us to hear our concerns about catastrophic climate change. Some of us have even gotten arrested at Vanguard headquarters and prayed outside the CEO’s house. Yet, we recently learned that Vanguard is now the world’s #1 investor in fossil fuels. 

We can’t continue to put our trust or savings in a company that is on this reckless course. It’s time to pledge Never Vanguard, together. The Never Vanguard pledge is for anyone willing to take a stand against corporate greed. For some, signing the pledge will be a commitment to move savings invested with the asset manager or in its funds. For others, pledging will mean promising not to work for Vanguard, or publicizing the negative effects of its investments on social media or in an op-ed.

We are officially launching this initiative with two back-to-back protests in Pennsylvaniathat will highlight the direct connection between the decisions made by Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley and the communities that bear the brunt of a business modelthat puts profit over people and planet. On June 10, we’ll join residents of Chester, PA living on the frontlines of pollution caused by companies in which Vanguard is a major investor. On June 14, at Vanguard’s global headquarters in Malvern, PA, we’ll announce the amount of money that customers have moved out of the asset manager so far, and encourage more customers to join us.

We are excited for this launch, and we also know this is a strategy that will grow over time. Looking ahead, on July 6, we’re going to have bi-coastal protests in Malvern, PA and Monmouth, OR (during the Friends General Conference Gathering). If you’ll be near either of those places, you’re invited to join us! RSVP now for the action in Pennsylvania or the action Oregon to receive updates as they develop.

A group of five people holding a banner and signs on a sunny day
Photo by Joe Piette

Wherever you are, pledge Never Vanguard!

EQAT sees our Never Vanguard pledge as just the tip of the iceberg. We know there are Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Unitarians, and other people of faith – not to mention grandparents, doctors, union members, and other constituencies – who recognize that climate change is killing people now. We are embarking on this strategy trusting that we will not be alone in telling Vanguard that we’ve had enough of business as usual.

We hope you’ll join us this movement for a different way.

Top photo by Rachael Warriner

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