Next steps for the PLGJ campaign

A word about COVID-19: We should be taking all possible precautions, and we can hold those who are impacted even more than others in our hearts: those who are disabled, have compromised immune systems, are struggling to keep up with child care or have to go to work, who lost or will lose jobs, and those who are on the front lines of caring for all who are ill.

This moment is also reminding us of the life and death stakes we are fighting for in our campaign. We need to transform our energy system so that shut offs are a thing of the past, so that air pollution and climate change are no longer endangering public health, and so that everyone has a good job.

While keeping our communities as safe as possible, but also keeping the pressure on PECO, the Power Local Green Jobs campaign will continue, mostly virtually for the time being.

One thing that’s apparent is that the COVID-19 crisis will hit the most vulnerable in our region hardest – low-income, black and brown, underemployed people. These are the same communities that already face the brunt of fossil fuel extraction and the effects of a rapidly changing climate. Our region deserves more than the temporary relief PECO and other corporate powers are offering. We must see investment in community resiliency – community resources staying in our neighborhoods and well-paying livable wage jobs so people can take care of themselves and their family. A justice-centered solar transition in PECO’s territory is one of many steps to get us there.

Photo credits Rachael Warriner

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