We need bill relief, solar, and jobs

It’s hard to believe it’s only been two months since the COVID-19 crisis began sweeping through our communities. However, this pandemic has also illuminated why our vision for an accessible and just solar transition is necessary. It hasn’t been easy to adjust to our new landscape, the future has looked bleak and uncertain while the conditions for how we take action have shifted dramatically. Despite all of this, we have continued to keep the pressure on PECO.

While witnessing the devastation of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s become clear that as we continue to demand PECO invest in solar and jobs for our future, we must also call on PECO to invest in the wellbeing of our communities, right now. As long as this crisis continues, we are calling on PECO to maintain its moratorium on shutoffs and provide bill forgiveness for our neighbors who need it most. We brought this clarity to the shareholder meeting of PECO’s parent company, Exelon, in April, demanding bill relief for our neighbors, solar and jobs for our future outside of the homes of Exelon/PECO executives and board members.

We’re also refusing to let PECO get away with business-as-usual in its proposed Default Service Program (DSP). We’ve worked alongside our partners to demand PECO not only make a real plan for local solar in our region, but resubmit a DSP that reflects PECO’s commitment to a justice-centered solar transition.

Even though the future feels so uncertain, we are clear that we’ll continue to call on PECO to invest in our communities now and in the long haul. But we’ll need all of us. Take a look at the upcoming events to get involved. And as always we need your help to fund this work. Consider joining our growing list of monthly donors who help sustain our campaign while we hold the vision for a just utility and a solar future.

photo credit: Rachel Warriner (Top)

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