A month of global resistance

These are transformational times. In the last couple months, young people have been in the streets protesting political dominance, corporate exploitation, climate crisis, and indigenous sovereignty. As we bear witness to this global groundswell, I am reminded of the importance of our work.

A group of activists holding signs and wearing green shirts walks down the sidewalk together

The effects of both financial and environmental devastation are felt globally. We must hold corporations like PECO accountable and demand that they build a livable and just future.

This past month, we’ve kept the pressure on PECO.

We brought our message again to PECO CEO Mike Innocenzo, interrupting one of his corporate presentations to remind him that we know that a justice-centered solar transition is not only possible, but necessary for our region. We’ve also disrupted PECO’s business as usual with call-in days, challenging them to answer our question: Climate is Changing, Why isn’t PECO?

And we will not stop until we hear PECO respond with a commitment to source 20% of its electricity from local solar projects by 2025 in a way that prioritizes community ownership and local solar jobs, particularly for our black, brown, and low-income neighbors who need it most. 

We need your support. Join us in taking action, share our work with your networks, donate today so we can fund this work.

Photos: Rachael Warriner

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