Stewardship is Active, Not Passive

Top photo: EQAT volunteers tell arriving Vanguard employees about their employer’s dismal climate goals. Credit, Rachael Warriner.

What does the term “stewardship” mean to you? We discussed that during our recent general meeting, and here are a few things folks said:

  • A sacred task in the Biblical tradition, including care of the Earth.
  • Encompassing, long-term, sustainable care, so that something doesn’t disappear and can thrive to its fullest.
  • Making sure you take care of resources sustainably and ethically.

In contrast, Vanguard’s definition of stewardship is very narrow. Its continued investment in industries that are already destabilizing our climate–and therefore threatening our whole economy–show a real lack of long-term thinking. Its narrow focus only on the value of its shareholders’ investments will ultimately hurt, not only the portfolios of those investors, but the web of life on which all of us depend.

EQAT has decided that for the coming year, stewardship–and Vanguard’s lack of it–will be the theme that unites our actions. Just last week, we challenged Vanguard’s poor stewardship twice, first by engaging Vanguard employees after the company released one of the worst climate plans in its industry. (See Financial Times and Reuters articles to learn more.) Then, a day later, we showed up at Comcast to let Comcast employees know that Vanguard is not stewarding their default retirement funds well, when those investments threaten the future.

A few people stand in front of a large glass building and a gray sign that says "Comcast Center." Three people are holding a red banner that says "Vanguard invests in climate destruction" and one person is holding a white sign that says "Vanguard is sinking our future! Is Comcast on board?"

EQAT visits Comcast to let employees know that Vanguard invests their default retirement option in dangerous fossil fuels. Credit, Rachael Warriner.

And who better to highlight the importance of protecting the future than children? We are excited to share that a group of families are hosting a “play-in” action next week at Vanguard headquarters “to ensure a liveable world for our children!” Here is their announcement:

When: Wednesday, June 15th, 2 – 4 pm

Where: 100 Vanguard Blvd, Malvern, PA 19355  (We will help organize carpools–please RSVP below to be in that loop.)

Who: Anyone interested in climate action


Questions? Contact Miriam at 610-348-6940 or or Kate at

I hope you and your families can join this creative summer action! If you want to be part of planning other summer actions and haven’t already, please let us know. 

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