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EQAT’s response to the heat. Credit Rachael Warriner.

I confess I was feeling pretty low recently. The combination of the heat and the complete failure of our government to deal with the climate crisis felt like too much to face. But I dragged myself to a Zoom call with other groups around Philly who are excited about training in nonviolent direct action. Then I got on another Zoom call with folks across the US working to get money out of fossil fuels. Both made me feel more connected and reminded me that our way of making change doesn’t rely on the whims of Washington. 

If you need a little connection too, please register for our upcoming Action Roles Training! A bunch of Philly groups have gotten excited about this training. It will be at FDR Park, at the request of a group fighting to use that space in a way that helps their community thrive. Please note the details have changed since my last email:

What? Action role training

When? Saturday, July 30. Come at noon for lunch, or 1pm for the training, which lasts till 4pm.

Where? FDR Park, 1954 Pattison Ave, South Philadelphia. We’ll be outside the clubhouse.

What to bring? A water bottle and a chair, if you can. 

Also, a final reminder that the deadline is tomorrow to apply to be our new Campaign Organizer or Administrative and Finance Coordinator. Please share the above links with others you know who may be a good fit, or apply yourself.

We know that what we do matters. In fact, Vanguard just announced a new positive impact fund which it says will enable investors to put money into companies having a positive social and environmental impact. We know this is a baby step compared to what Vanguard could do, but a clear sign that they are feeling pressured to do something. 

That’s why we need to keep up the pressure. That’s why we need to grow our staff and our skills. Join us. 

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