Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped. This pipeline would carry planet-wrecking fracked oil from North Dakota across four states, and under the Missouri River immediately upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. That makes it a threat to the sacred land and water of native communities — and a disaster for the climate.

For months, thousands of indigenous activists have set up camps along the proposed pipeline route in a historic moment of nonviolent resistance. They have faced down private security forces, attack dogs, cut-off drinking water, and a federal court refusal to stop construction. The Obama administration has issued a temporary halt on construction; now we must stop the pipeline for good! 

We know that to defeat a pipeline, it takes a movement of people from all corners of the nation. This is Keystone all over again. And like Keystone, we can stop this pipeline through massive public pressure on the Obama administration to protect the land, water, and climate. Will you add your name to the petition calling for the president to block the Dakota Access Pipeline?

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