A dozen people stand outside on green grass in front of green trees. 6 people are holding 3 red banners with white text that each say "Vanguard don't rob our future."

From youth to elders…

Big investors, like Vanguard, are allowing fossil fuel companies to poison us today and set up future generations for climate catastrophe. But we know that, by coming together, we can make powerful corporations start working for a just and livable future. One of the many ways we’ve been channeling our collective power is by pledging to not invest or work with Vanguard until it deals with its climate problem and invests for a livable future. 

We’re seeing more and more people sign the pledge and take action – from youth to elders, plus people of faith of all ages. This fall, we’re organizing direct actions at Vanguard that highlight the many types of people who are pledging to not invest or work with Vanguard until it makes a serious course correction on climate. 

Dozens of people are outside, standing in a crowd with two large, red banners. In front of them, one person is standing and singing into a microphone. Behind them, there is a sign the says "Vanguard."

Photo by Crystal Gloistein

Last month, we joined Elders Action Network and The Shalom Center at Vanguard’s headquarters to celebrate Grandparents’ Day by taking action for our grandchildren and other young people in our lives. We sang, we planted seeds for the future (literally!), and we handed flyers to Vanguard employees. 

Close up of a hand holding an acorn over a black flower pot with dirt. To the left, lying on the grass, is a red sign with white text that says "Vanguard invests in climate destruction."

Photo by Laran Kaplan

Then, this month, we joined local high school and college students at Vanguard’s headquarters, challenging Vanguard’s way of doing business that is jeopardizing our future. Young people are inheriting a climate crisis they did not cause, a crisis Vanguard is fueling as the world’s #1 investor in fossil fuels. Participants brought items — like family photos, stuffed animals, and pinecones — that represent what’s on the line for them with climate change.

A person stands outside, smiling at the camera and holding a white sign with colorful text that says "Vanguard, young people need climate action." Nearby, there are two other people standing or walking and a red banner with white text lying on the grass.

Photo by Laran Kaplan

As part of our collective action, former Vanguard customers have so far moved over $22 million out of the company! That number will grow as long as Vanguard leadership willfully ignores its climate problem. We’ll be going back to Vanguard in Malvern, PA on Wednesday, November 15 at 11:00 am for a worshipful action.

If you can’t make it in person, there’ll also be an option to join together virtually at noon eastern time, in support of action takers. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive more information about the virtual gathering!

Top photo by Rachael Warriner

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